About Me

I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford, advised by Sanjay Basu and David Rehkopf. My research involves using data science to address public health issues, with a focus on forced migration and environmental justice. Previously, I obtained a BS in Statistics at the University of Chicago and subsequently worked as a researcher there, developing deep learning methods for medical imaging in low-resource settings.

Our latest work modeling the public health effects of an impending catastrophic oil spill in the Red Sea can be found here: [Nature Sustainability]. Our paper on routine COVID-19 testing in high-risk environments can be found here: [PubMed]. Our paper on projected disparities in healthcare worker absenteeism from COVID-19 school closures can be found here: [PubMed]. Our work on forecasting forced displacement in Syria and Yemen can be found here: [PubMed] [pdf]. Full list of publications: [scholar] [cv]

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to talk about any shared interests. My email is benhuynh {at} stanford {dot} edu.